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You Got This, Brutadon! is a game for Amazon's Alexa. You can play it on an Amazon Echo or an Echo Dot. Here is its store page. Like all Alexa skills, it is 100% free.

In You Got This, Brutadon!, you are the hype man for a fifty-story-tall monster in a kaiju battle. Brutadon is a tough fighter, but he's not confident. He needs strategy help and emotional support from you!

You'll need to play this game in a place where you can shout loudly and use your voice in the name of true human/monster friendship.


You Got This, Brutadon! was made for the 2017 Global Game Jam. You can find the GGJ submission page here.

It was created at the Facebook GGJ site in Menlo Park, California, by these developers:

You Got This, Brutadon! is a Plus Ultra creation.

Sounds by Sea Fury and jacobalcook


GGJ 2017 jam version source files 8 MB

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